Blog Tip: Don’t talk like a drone

Blog Tip: Don’t talk like a drone.

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This is a story about a prankster named Donovan Curtis. When he pulls a disastrous prank, he gets in trouble with Dr. Schultz, the superintendent of Hardcastle School District. But the superintendent gets mixed up, and he gets promoted into the Academic School of Scholastic Distinction (ASD). It’s the perfect place to hide from Dr. Schultz, that is if he can fool a bunch of academic people that are above genius level. However, he becomes a star at robotics and may lead ASD to victory from Cold Spring Harbor, the school that makes perfect robots. But stuff get more confusing as he goes along the way…

By: Gordan Korman

The School Story

This story is a remarcable one where Natalie Nelson writes a book called “The Cheater”. Zoe Reisman is sure that The Cheater can be published, but the problem is, where? Natalie’s mom is an editor at Shipley Junior Books, but Natalie doesn’t want her mother know that a 12-year old girl wrote this. She partners up with Zoe and pair up with their ELA teacher, Ms. Clayton, and somehow get it published. This story ends with Natalie showing who Cassandra Day, her pen name, was.

Author: Andrew Clements

AR: 6.0

Genra: Realistic Fiction